About us

Dettin S.p.A., founded and located in Schio (VI), currently covers an area of ​​approximately 14,000 m2 in total, of which 6000 are covered.

Through its 60-year history, the company has qualified itself in terms of heavyworks and textile machinery products, thanks to its long experience and specialization in steel processing.

Heavy Works Divsion

Part of the company is dedicated to heavyworks’ manufacturing for the construction of pressure vessels for the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries.

Textile Machinery

From over 30 years Dettin S.p.A. is leader in the designing and construction of hydroextractors for all the textile products, chamber dryers, press machines, automatic systems for dye-house.

A valuable team

Currently the staff is made up of 40 employees. The continuous training of collaborators is one of the strategic keys of Dettin S.p.A. for the search for innovative and performing solutions by our technicians and engineers. Commercial and administrative staff complete a ready and dynamic team. 

A dynamic and reliable system

The company's operating system has proved to be successful over the years thanks to the flexibility and versatility with which it strives to meet the specific needs of its customers as well as the employ  of highly qualified personnel. Other strengths are the punctuality with which deliveries of orders are made and the always efficient after-sales service.

An international company

Dettin S.p.A. is present with its products all over the world with an export share equal to 80% of its production. The deep and specific  know-how acquired  over decades of experience allow the company to satisfy all the requirements in terms of quality of processes and materials.


Thanks to the 60-year know-how achieved in the international field, Dettin S.p.A. and its own team of engineers, can design a wide range of sector applications in a complete way both from a mechanical point of view, through the use of 3D technologies such as Autodesk Inventor, and electrical / software one Siemens based, HMI panels, touch screen operator panels, multi-axis control systems.

The entire production process of Dettin SpA takes place in compliance with the quality certificate ISO 9001: 2015


Experience and know-how combined with the passion for the development of innovative solution are the drives on which Dettin S.p.A. rests.

The continuous training of welding technicians and the use of the latest generation machinery allow to maintain the construction quality of Dettin SpA according to the most restrictive and certified international standards.

The central point of production is the safety of all the collaborators according to all current legislation.

After Sales&Shipping

Our commercial and administrative staff is at your disposal for all needs related to shipping and assistance matters.

Like the technical teams, the Administrative and Commercial Staff of Dettin S.p.A. respects rigorous standards of quality and efficiency which are guaranteed for over 60 years of presence on the market.

Dettin S.p.A. offers a wide provision as regards technical support, also in remote assistance and spare parts with shipments all over the world.